SHARE's studytrip to Georgia

From April 29 until May 6, SHARE's studytrip to Georgia took place. During this trip, we visited 4 different cities. After a long and early flight, we arrived at our first destination: Kutaisi. Here, we visited the Bagradi cathedral and we had a nice citytour where we could see some highlights from Who Is The Mol season 2018. The next day we went to Borjomi. A small village, famous for its' perculiar mineral water. We did a challenging hike which took us about 6 hours, but the view at the top of the mountain was very rewarding. Next up was Tbilisi, the municipal op Georgia. We stayed here for 3 days filled with lots of activities. We visited the medical university, where we received an eyeopening presentstion about the Georgian healthcare system. We also visted an NGO specialised in infection disease prevention. A drive by cablecar tot the Narikala Fort at the top of the mountain and a challenging rafting course were some relaxing activities which we really enjoyed. Highlight of the trip was definitely the daytrip to the Georgian Great Military Highway and the Gergeti Trinity Chrurch. We saw the most stunning nature Georgia is rich! From the high mountains we switched to the green valleys, where the Okatse Canyon provided us with a stunning view on waterfalls and the green landscape. Our final destination was Batumi, a rich city at the coastline of the Black Sea. Here, we had a nice day off so we could relax a bit. In the evening we escalated at a karaoke bar for the Dutch Night. Copletely packed and with a hangover, we left to Kutaisi where we spent our final night together before flying back to Dortmund. When swiping through all the pictures a wide smile occurs on my face. It was an amazing week most studytrippers will never forget!

SHARE is the Faculty Association of the study ‘Health Policy and Management’ at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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