Jong talent krijgt ruim baan bij Furore


Sinds zes maanden werken Steyn Kahrel en Maikel Sing bij Furore fulltime aan hun onderzoeksstage. En dat is niet hun enige overeenkomst. Ze volgden dezelfde bachelorstudie Medische Informatiekunde aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam en kozen daarna voor de master Medical Informatics. Bij Furore werken ze beiden aan de nieuwe HiX-toolbox voor ziekenhuizen, waarvoor ze elk een eigen tool ontwikkelen. Nieuwsgierig naar hoe het is om bij Furore stage te lopen? De studenten schuiven graag aan tafel om het te vertellen.

ESHPM: Kirti Doekhie and her job as PhD student

Imagine, writing a thesis that is thousand times as much work. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but that is how Kirti Doekhie explains her students what her job as a PhD student is like. With this comparison it might be hard for a lot of students to imagine someone would choose for a PhD after their master. Still, in every 1000 working people, 6,6 finished a PhD. Do you want to know if this might be something for you? Kirti explains to us what the job is like and what her research is about.


Are you a student looking for a job that is related to your study? Then might be the answer. is a mediation agency that sets up different people who need help and students who are willing to give that help. The clients of all have various needs, from keeping them company, or just helping with the children, but most of the time it’s about doing some household chores. And you want to know something fun? was actually founded by a student!

Uni Clichés

So, there are a lot of situations we (almost) all counter as students when it comes to studying. They might be clichés, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not true.

Working at iCON Healthcare

Leonie Verheul is 28 years old and works at iCON Healthcare as a senior consultant with the Medication Management Team. She studied Gezondheidswetenschappen at the Maastricht University what went of easily. After the bachelor she continued with the HEPL (Health Economics, Policy & Law) master at the Erasmus University, which was a lot harder to get through.

Last-minute changes concerning the deductible health insurance

In The Netherlands health care is arranged in a different way than in most countries. It has a solidaire system, where society pays for every citizen in need of care. As a citizen you pay a health premium and a deductible health insurance.

Is being a superhuman realistic?

Can humans be super all the time? How about stress? And should technology become important in our daily lives and in the medical world? These questions and more were answered during a masterclass about superhumans. The speakers were Kirsten Nelis, Jorieke van Noorloos, Emma Westermann, Hannes Leroy and Peter Joosten.

Policymakers vs. Doctors

In healthcare there are often disagreements between doctors and policymakers. For example: policymakers tend to care more for the costs of healthcare, while doctors find patients more important. To get more information on this subject, the Healthy committee interviewed Jeroen Postma (section Policy and Governance at ESHPM) and a company doctor (the company can not be named due to privacy reasons).

Less is more

Last monday the district nurses in the Netherlands decided to protest against the heavy workload they are experiencing. The workload is rising due to administrative tasks that are contributed in theorie work. Furthermore there is political talk about a budget decrease for district nurses.

Decision-making in healthcare

Lots of treatments and medicines are not financed by insurers, because they are too expensive compared to the health-effects they give. The minister of public health, welfare and sport decides whether a treatment is reimbursed by the basic health insurance. If not, the patient has to pay for the treatment by itself, which mostly is not possible because of the price.

How Edith steered the ship

Edith Schippers has been minister of public health, welfare and sport since 2010. Her term of office comes to an end this year. Hugo de Jonge will follow in her footsteps from 2018 onwards. Now our question is: did Schippers achieve her healthcare-related goals in the past eight years?

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