SHARE’s memories

This is SHARE’s memory page! On this page you can check out the reviews of all activities organized by Faculty Association SHARE. Besides, you can read about the several committees this year and see some photos of our trips and other (study-related) events!

Check out the posts below and find out what we do.

First letter drink, Christmas lunch and pub crawl

The Marketing & Almanac Committee would like to relive the last month with you by recapping three events.

Winter memories

Spring has just begun, but the Marketing Committee would like to bring up some memories about last winter with you!


Committee Introduction Day 2020

To start the year the right way the 38th Board organized a Committee Introduction Day , so everyone could get to know each other! The purpose of this event was to connect with your own committee and to get to know the other committee members. Because of Corona, this day was held online via Zoom.


Studytrip 2020!

From March 8th to 15th Faculty Association SHARE took a group of 19 members on a study trip to Bulgaria and Romania. Do you want to know more about this trip?

My experience as a member of the Marketing Committee

It was very exciting to start this year as a new SHARE Committee. Every week we explored the possibilities and opportunities that we have as the Marketing Committee. At the beginning it was quite a challenge; where do we even start? Already in the early stages everyone agreed that we wanted to create a merchandise line for our members. Below each member discusses what they found most memorable this year and it will give you a little insight on our designing process!

The first half of this academic year!

This little recap of 2019 makes us even more excited about the second half of the academic year. Very soon, there will be more fun events and drinks organised by the committees, but also various trips abroad! We hope to see you soon.

This year’s first drink and event!

Finally, the very first drink of the year by the Dies and Drinks Committee! It was held on the 23rd of October and everyone was dressed in the theme Halloween. Following this successful drink, the Events Committee organised a lasergame and dinner night.

A word by the President of the 36th Board of Faculty Association SHARE

Last year has flown by! Now it’s up to me to kick off this memories page and share some of the best memories of the 36th Board of SHARE!

Find out about this years Dies & Drinks committee

The Dies & Drinks committee existed this year for the first time and got the task to not only organize the birthday of SHARE. But also organizing all the drinks during the year.

SHARE’s studytrip to Georgia

From April 29 until May 6, SHARE’s studytrip to Georgia took place. During this trip, we visited 4 different cities. After a long and early flight, we arrived at our first destination: Kutaisi.

SHARE’s Short trip to Prague

From March 14th to 17th, Faculty Association SHARE went on a short trip to Prague with 35 members. Here we had a very nice time and undertook many things.

This year’s events

The Events committee of 2018-2019 enjoyed every single one of you! During this academic year we organized four very nice and divergent events, which were amazing also thanks to you guys! 

SHARE’s Skitrip to Austria

From the 24st till the 29th of January our association went on the annual ski trip for 6 days in Fügen. 43 members joined this wonderful trip.

This year’s academic events

This year the Academic Committee was bigger than ever. With 6 events planned, the committee started their year as Academic 2018-2019.

beercantus SHARE x ACE

Trink, trink, brüderlein trink… This is one of the best-known Cantus songs! Of course, this song was also played a lot at the annual beercantus last March.

Health Business Week 2019

Over a year ago we started the preparations for the biggest event of SHARE: The Health Business Week. Taking place from the 12th till the 21st of February, we organized the biggest Health Business Week SHARE has ever organized.

Meet the Eurekaweek committee 2019

This year Study Association SHARE has its first Eurekaweek committee ever! The committee consists out of 4 students, including a member of the board. We as a committee are responsible for the representation of SHARE during the Eurekaweek which takes place in August 2019. 

SHARE is the Faculty Association of the study ‘Health Policy and Management’ at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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