Are you looking for a new challenge next year? Do you want to develop your skills, upgrade your CV and create a new network? And most of all, do you want to have an unforgettable year? Don’t hesitate any longer because the 36th Board of SHARE is lo...
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Thursday 25 April 2019

Outdoor Escape Room

You all might have done an escape room, but have you ever done one outside in the city centre of Rotterdam? 

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Mondag 29 April 2019

Studytrip 2019

This year SHARE will be travelling to Georgia (Asia) from 29th of April till 6th of May. We are visiting four different cities and the trip also includes study-related activities such as a visitation to the NGO Health Research Union (HRU). 

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Thursday 16 May 2019

Interfaculty Party

It's that time again: the yearly Interfaculty Party! 

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SHARE is the Faculty Association of the study ‘Health Policy and Management’ at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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