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Committee Introduction Day 2020

To start the year the right way the 38th Board organized a Committee Introduction Day, so everyone could get to know each other! The purpose of this event was to connect with your own committee and to get to know the other committee members. Because of Corona, this day was held online via Zoom.

To start the event, the different committees had to come up with a slogan and visually express this. The Academic Committee formed their motto as followed: ‘Even in this pandemic, we strive to be academic’. To represent their motto they took a picture with all different kinds of academic books.

The Dies and Drinks Committee created: ‘Less thinking, more drinking’. They took a picture with a hint for their next event to represent their committee.

The Events Committee made a picture with all kinds of events, this was a representation of their motto: ’We’ll make your night so attractive, you’ll definitely want to be active!’

And the Health Business Week Committee came up with: ‘Embrace your future’. To represent this, they showed a formal picture of the whole committee together.

The Marketing Committee had all their creative tools in hand which they’ll be using to design their merchandise and their motto was: ‘We sharpen the price, so you can wear our merchandise’.

The Short Trip Committee showed us interesting and very nice pictures with their inspiration for the Short Trip and their motto is: ‘Explore, dream, discover and SHARE your memories’.

The Ski Trip Committee is completely ready for the infamous/ notorious Ski Trip. They wore ski clothing and changed their background to a lovely white slope. Their motto is: ‘Know your limits, (après)ski beyond them!’

The Study Trip Committee changed their backgrounds to activities you can do during the Study Trip. Their motto is: ‘To get a grip, go on the Study Trip’

To get the members of the different committees to know each other better , they played ‘Crazy 38’. Everyone was divided into random break-out rooms, so you had to work with other committee members. Crazy 38 is a game with all kinds of funny and sometimes dirty assignments. The more assignments you successfully completed, the more points you earned as a team. For example, for eating a spoon full of cinnamon, you could earnfive points. This assignment was difficult to complete and a little bit gross. You could also earn five points by making an advertising video promoting Faculty Association SHARE. Every group came up with all kinds of good reasons on why you should become a member of SHARE.

Overall, the Committee Introduction Day was very successful and we are looking forward to seeing you all on the other events throughout the year!