‘Members of’ SHARE: Ramon

Hi there!

My name is Ramon van Aert, I am 21 years old and currently finishing my master Health Economics, Policy and Law (HEPL) at the Erasmus School of Health, Policy & Management (ESHPM). Besides following a master, I’m a workgroup teacher in the premaster program of our school and I take seat in the Board of Advisory of our faculty association: SHARE.

To me, SHARE represents a platform to meet other students outside the lecture halls and have fun together in both study related and non-study related activities. Therefore, I attended most activities over the last couple of years and traveled to awesome places with SHARE, which resulted in wonderful experiences and great friendships!

During my first bachelor year I discovered that I looked for more activities to challenge and develop myself besides following my bachelor Health Sciences. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to start doing extracurricular activities in my second bachelor year. So, that became the year in which I started teaching workgroups at ESHPM, in which I enrolled in the Honours Class of our faculty and in which I took seat in one of SHARE’s committees.

Regarding my job as a workgroup teacher for the course Business Economics in Healthcare (as student assistant), I was told I was selected for the application procedure due to my grades for the economic courses in the first year of my bachelor and my attitude in workgroups. While I started three years ago as workgroup teacher Business Economics in Healthcare in bachelor 1, I currently supervise workgroups in the premaster program of ESHPM for the courses Social-Medical Sciences and Business Economics in Healthcare. The most important practical thing I learned from this job, is how I can smoothly present and transfer knowledge by using the right attitude for the specific target group. Besides that, a more general thing I encountered is that you should always realize the position you’re in and seize every opportunity seriously. I experienced that showing my capacities during my studies in my position as a student, was rewarded with a great chance to develop myself as a workgroup teacher. Therefore, I strongly advise anyone to open up and challenge themselves as much as possible! Next to this job, I applied for a committee spot at SHARE and became ‘Event Manager’ in the Short trip Committee.

Besides finishing my bachelor studies, I chose to apply for a board year at SHARE in my third year. This application ended up in me being the President of the 36th Board. Looking back on this, I would describe my application as the best choice of my life, since I met such amazing people, made friendships for life and learned a lot. In short, I think I would say that I learned to divide tasks, set and achieve goals, motivate people, maintain relations and consider different interests. I’m extremely thankful to have gotten the opportunity to develop myself by leading this small organization for a year. My board year enabled me to both personally and professionally develop myself in a dynamic student-run organization. Combined with lots of fun and social contact, these unique lifechanging experiences challenged me during the year and contributed to the person I am today.

To conclude, I hope you’ve read my experiences with pleasure. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! And most importantly: remember that there are countless opportunities to develop yourself both personally and professionally in your time as a student, you just have to use your courage and enthusiasm to seize the opportunities you get!

Bye bye!

SHARE is the Faculty Association of the study ‘Health Policy and Management’ at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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