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Get to know this year’s Healthy Committee

Ladies and gentleman, behold! The next Healthy is going to blow everyone’s mind, so be prepared. This year the Healthy has had a rebirth and you will see it like it has never been before. We, the new committee, hope to put the Healthy in the spotlight, that all students from the Bachelor and Masters are looking forward to read the new articles and that we can actually print out the Healthy for all of you to read.  We’re all looking forward to this year with all of its challenges and changes.

Now it is time to introduce the marvelous people who are behind the Healthy this year.


Hi! My name is Leonoor (25) and I’m a HEPL master student here at ESHPM. This year I will be chairman of the Healthy. For the past 7 years I’ve been living in Groningen, so I’m still getting used to Rotterdam. Especially the wind… In Groningen I’ve worked in elderly health care, so I really love old people! My retirement plan is to start my own nursing home, so check it out when by then!


Hi! My name is Julie, I’m 18 years old and the secretary of the Healthy Committee. This is my first year as a bachelor student at Erasmus. The Healthy is going to be different from previous years. We are going to write interesting articles to read for students and teachers!

Treasurer & External Relations

Hi, my name is Hugo and I am 20 years old and the treasurer for the Healthy committee this year. At the moment I am in my second year of the bachelor BMG. I also dabble in the world of law to try to keep myself and the committee out of trouble. In my free time I really enjoy tasty food and good drinks and doing nothing, but during this academic year we are going to work hard and make the Healthy better than ever.

Graphic Designer

Hi everyone! My name is Daniëlle. I’m 18 years old and I am from the oh so beautiful city Woerden. Right now, I’m in my first year of the Bachelor. My function within the Healthy is Graphic Designer. And here is a fun fact: I have two naked cats, if you’ve never seen one, here is one to look at.

General member of the board

My name is Caitlin and I am 20 years old. I am taking place in this year’s Healthy committee as a general member of the board. Besides reading magazines I always wondered how it would be to create one by yourself. Joining the Healthy committee is the chance to experience this. With this committee we will give you something interesting but also fun to read. Make sure you won’t miss this!