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Winter memories 2020

2020’s December month was one full of festivities, naturally all online.  

To get into the Christmas spirit the Dies & Drinks committee organized a drink on the second day of December, on our favorite platform: Zoom. The drink began with playing charades in breakout rooms, a game where you have to portray words or sentences without talking or making sounds. All words were in theme of Christmas and winter. After that we played a pirate game. This was a game to get to know our fellow SHARE-members a bit better. In this game many statements came up and we voted about who fitted the statement best.  

In between and before the games each committee member showed a special Christmas drink you could make at home. A few of the favorite drinks were: Glühwein and winter Sangria. These are secret recipes for those who joined the event only ;). Overall, it was a super fun and cozy evening and the perfect way to start December! 

The second winter-themed event was the Christmas Dessert Dinner on the 17th of December. The Events Committee usually organizes a Christmas Dinner, but this year they organized an online dinner with multiple desserts! During the event, several desserts were presented. Tiramisu, sorbet, creme brûlée, mug cake and a lava cake, there was something for everyone! There were also a few games played during the dinner. First off, we played ‘Ranking the Stars’ in breakout rooms. After that, we played the ‘Ik hou van Holland’ game where everyone had to answer questions about Christmas as fast as possible. The last game was a music bingo with Christmas songs. Every winner per breakout room won a small Christmas tree with purple decorations for their room! It was a successful and tasty evening. 

After this energetic December month, January came and it did not disappoint!  

This year’s annual SHARE Ski Trip was cancelled, because of… well COVID of course. That setback didn’t stop our Skitrip Committee. They went all out to organize the winter wonderland of SHARE: a fun ski-related activity. 

To participate in this event a small entrance fee was required, and in return you received an amazing ski-box with a lot of great ski related things, like alcoholic refreshments, a ski ticket, games and Happy socks. It almost felt like we were on the snowy mountains of Austria, instead of behind our laptops.  

We started the evening with a Kahoot Quiz, divided in different categories. The first part of the questions, were about the committee members themselves. A cute baby photo was shown to us, and we had to guess who that baby was. The second part of the quiz contained questions about winter sports itself. For example, questions about certain rules on the slopes. The last part was about famous après ski songs. A piece of the lyrics was given and we had to guess which song this text belonged to.  

After the Kahoot we played Never Have I Ever, using our crocodile dentist and different shots that were in the ski-box. We were given a Never-Have-I-Ever-statement, and instead of lowering a finger you had to press a crocodile tooth. And then, when the wrong tooth was pressed, the crocodile shut his mouth and you had to take a shot. 

Thereafter we played a drawing game, in which everyone could show off their creative side. We were divided into breakout rooms and received a link to a program. In this program we all had to draw the same concept, with our computer mouse, at the same time. We had one minute to finish each drawing. After that, we needed to rate all drawings and choose the best one. The person who drew the best painting, won the game.  

At the end of the night, we were divided in different breakout rooms again. You had to create a new lyric to the song ‘Wie heißt die Mutter von Niki Lauda’. Everyone was very creative and we heard a lot of funny new lyrics on the melody of the song. A lot of the new lyrics were about the fun and social stuff we could do before COVID-19 existed. We therefore hope that the Ski Trip can continue in a physical form next year. 

Stay safe everyone! 

Lots of love, the Marketing Committee