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The 39th Board of SHARE

Dear SHARE members,

With a smile on our face, we look back on a year filled with both social and professional development, experiences, lessons and many new social contacts. We enjoyed all the trips, drinks, events and memories we were able to SHARE with you. With the 8th Lustrum, that we celebrated in such a special way, and the Health Business Week as the two biggest events this year, we had a great time during our board year!

While hanging out during our weekly dinner together, we still reminisce about all the activities. We are proud of SHARE and thankful that we were able to contribute to this beautiful association together.

If you ever consider doing a board year or just want to ask some questions, feel free to contact one of us.

It has been a pleasure,

The 39th Board of F.A. SHARE

Merel Buiter (President), Fabiënne Geerling (Secretary), Pieter Wijers (Treasurer), Manon van der Nol (Manager of Education & Vice-President), Annika de Witte (Manager of Communications) and Merlijn Dries (Manager of External Relations)