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Student assistant for Literature Review Study on Business Model Innovation

Project Title: A Critical Review of Business Model Research in Healthcare 

Student Assistant Job Description

A student assistant is required this summer for support in data analysis related to a critical review of business model research in healthcare.

The student assistant will assist in preparing a table (in Excel) that presents a summary of each collected article. The summary (among other) should cover the following points*:

  • Complete Reference
  • Title
  • Authors
  • Publication Year
  • Type of Publication (Academic vs Practitioner)
  • Type of Definition of “Business Model” (Direct, Indirect, Other etc.)
  • Function (What is the role of Business Model in the collected study? For example, provides a framework, describes how a firm interacts with ecosystem, captures the way the firm functions and creates value etc.)
  • Research Question/Research Objective
  • Method (Empirical (single case study, multiple case studies, regression and large samples, simulation, other) or conceptual (general conceptual, theoretical work / theory development))
  • Empirical Setting (For empirical studies)
  • Notes (General Comments/observations)
  • And Additional columns (Notably antecedents, mechanisms and outcomes of business model design/innovation)

*Note: The final summary format can differ and the lead author (V. Sihag) will be continuously collaborating with the student in further development of summary format.

Completion Date: To be decided with the student (preferable completion date 19th September 2020)

Contact Person: Dr. Vikrant Sihag

E-mail Address: [email protected]

Working Hours Per Week: 16-20 hrs/week