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This year’s events

The Events committee of 2018-2019 enjoyed every single one of you! During this academic year we organized four very nice and divergent events, which were amazing also thanks to you guys! Throughout this year we have put effort in organizing original events, furthermore we tried to make the events vary from each other to increase the odds that every Share-member had at least one event of their liking. Mission accomplished, we would say!

The Events committee started this year with an accessible Halloween party, which took place on the 1st  of November  2018, to kick off the year in good fashion. The location was transformed into a place that had a Halloween ambiance, good DJs and together with the audience of about 70 people we made the night worthwhile! Not so long after the first successful event, another treat was waiting for our members. On December 20th 2018 Share organized its first ever Christmas dinner. Together with 40 members we enjoyed a lovely meal on the cozy home basis of our faculty ‘J7’. In the shadow of the Christmas dinner, our third event maybe wasn’t as original for our members. Nonetheless the activity is always something that most of us can appreciate. On the 7th of February 2019, 30 members joined each other in a fierce battle of bowling. Some of us were more competitive and skilled than others, but it’s to safe to say that we all deserved a good meal after incredible ‘work-out’. Hence, we decided not only to go bowling, but also to enjoy some great burgers! After our third event, the committee went under the radar for a while. This was not for nothing, since we joined each other on the 4th of June 2019 to participate in a really old school event, disco roller skating! During this activity 35 of our members have ventured themselves to try out this extremely dangerous sports. You wouldn’t think so, but roller skating is pretty hard. In spite of that, we all have enjoyed the activity and we concluded the day with dinner at an Italian restaurant.

To conclude, we are more than satisfied with how our events turned out. We enjoyed every single one of them, but we also enjoyed the enthusiasm of the attending member. Thanks a lot for participating, we hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did!

With love,

Events Committee 2018-2019