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This year’s academic events

This year the Academic Committee was bigger than ever. With 6 events planned, the committee started their year as Academic 2018-2019. We kicked the year off with an always exciting pub quiz. Lots of beers and tricky questions led to a heated finale in which different teams competed for the prize: the very first Academic cake!

The second activity was a parents day. Parents, siblings and other relatives had a unique chance to see our campus through the eyes of our students. With a lecture by Isabelle Steenbruggen and an introduction into SHARE’s activities by Ramon, the parents got to see what the lives of their children are really about.

For the first time, the committee offered a visit to RTL Late Night. We had a tour of the studios in Amsterdam and could be spotted in the background of the tv-show.

Academic’s third activity was a visit to a disciplinary court. We saw what a disciplinary case is really about and sat in the court room while the case was being heard.

This year, Academic also did a stitching course. For one afternoon, SHARE’s students imagined themselves being doctors and nurses. We studied different types of stitching and different knots. Some of us turned out to be quite talented as they mastered the art of stitching!

The sixth and final activity was a collaboration with our faculty, ESHPM. The participants of the newly named ‘Health Talk’ took part in a debate about profit in Health Care. This event attracted mostly master students, which led to a well-executed debate on an international level, as a number of the participants were exchange students.

The Academic committee had a fantastic year with lots of fun and challenging activities. We can’t wait to see what our successors will have in store for next year!