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Find out about this years Dies & Drinks committee

The Dies & Drinks committee existed this year for the first time and got the task to not only organize the birthday of SHARE. But also organizing all the drinks during the year. This were not standard drinks, but each drink had a special theme. In case you do not remember all the theme’s, in order of time the themes were: Beer pong, Winter Wonderland, Game night and Summer vibes.

So, in total we had four drinks together and one big DIES party. The theme of the Dies was “Underground Neon”. We asked the party people to come in Black to plan c, to create the underground environment together. But, at the entry we decorated everyone with neon paint and other gadgets. So, everyone was part of the decoration of the party.

We would like to thank everybody for sharing one or more drinks with us this year. Because, themes and decorations are fun, but it is the people coming who create the good vibe. Also, we had a lot of fun with each other during organizing.