A word by the President of the 36th Board of Faculty Association SHARE

Last year has flown by! Now it’s up to me to kick off this memories page and share some of the best memories of the 36th Board of SHARE!

First of all, I want to thank you all as members of our association. Without your presence SHARE would never have had such an amazing year with outstanding trips, lovely drinks and booming study-, non-study- and career-related events! I really appreciate this! Therefore, I would really like to thank you all on behalf of the 36th Board of SHARE! We hope you loved it even as much as we did! 

In particular, I would like to highlight a few events which absolutely made our year. Firstly, our Constitution Drink and Dies Natalis, during which we respectively celebrated the constitution of the Board (and kick-off of our SHARE-year) and the 36th Birthday of our Association. We really cherish these amazing moments as true highlights of our year, due to the presence of a lot of members of our association, celebrating together and having fun!

Furthermore, the Christmas Dinner really represents a true highlight of last year. The cozy atmosphere in our special Christmas room with everyone dressed up in their favorite Christmas outfit was really something special! Special thanks to our Events Committee for organizing this evening, we absolutely loved it!

Moreover, our Health Business Week really deserves a special mention on this memories page. This year’s Health Business Week has continued the growth of our association and our business week itself, due to the record setting amount of participants and partnering companies! It absolutely went crazy! Specifically, we felt really honored to have had the Dutch Minister of Health, Well-being and Sports, Bruno Bruins, willing to be the key-speaker in our opening ceremony and officially open the Health Business Week 2019. Thereby, the organizing committee has set new standards by implementing more focus on the non-profit/not-for-profit sector, by organizing the ‘Care for Your Future’ day for example. During this event, students came into contact with board members of hospitals or other healthcare organizations. They attended a debate and worked on a group case together with the board members. The growing interest and attendance of both students and companies, the offered information and knowledge and the enthusiasm within the Health Business Week 2019 really endorses the growth of the week itself and SHARE and therefore marks a tremendous highlight of our year!

Last but not least, we will never forget the trips we made last year. Our Ski trip to Austria, Short trip to Prague and Study trip to Georgia were so much fun! Travelling to Austria with nearly 50 members to get some action on the slopes, was amazing! Honestly, I enjoyed the early mornings on the slopes (besides the bus tour) even as much as the long evenings after skiing! Also, the short trip to Prague was a true highlight for us. We got to know the city with 35 members (short but powerful) and even visited the Ministry of Health. Last but not least, the study trip to Georgia was absolutely fantastic! Together with 35 members, we made a guided trip to this relatively unknown country. This allowed us to taste new cultures (literally: some of us absolutely loved the traditional foods) and get impressions like never before!

For now, I would like to wish everyone great summer holidays! Enjoy some spare time this summer, seek for sunny places and recharge a bit to be able to shine again in September! The Board will also be enjoying sunny times from now on. This means that our Board room (J7-35) will officially be closed from July 1st. It will be opened again at the start of the academic year (2nd of September). For urgent matters, please send an email to board@share-fa.com

I hope to see you again at SHARE activities and trips next year to create even more amazing memories! 

On behalf of the 36th Board of Faculty Association SHARE, 

Ramon van Aert 

SHARE is the Faculty Association of the study ‘Health Policy and Management’ at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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