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Health Business Week Committee

The Health Business Week is the biggest healthcare related career event in the Netherlands. During these two weeks (the 4th of March until the 15th of March, 2024) students and young professionals will have the opportunity to get in touch with companies and organizations that are related to the healthcare sector. This event gives participants the opportunity to get acquainted with the job market within the healthcare sector. They can participate in workshops, company presentations, business cases, speed interviews, a company dinner, network drinks and informal recruitment activities. Furthermore, a symposium and healthcare debate will be organized around the theme of this 13th edition of the HBW: Value Beyond Measure

Are you curious about the upcoming Health Business Week? Or do you want to see what this year Health Business Week was like? Do you want more information about the Health Business Week? Or would you like to participate? Look at our website, follow us on our LinkedIn and Instagram or send an email to [email protected].

By purchasing a ticket, you give us permission to use your personal details for completion of the agreement. This can be to contact you. Your personal details will be handled with care.

The Health Business Week events will be in Dutch, unless explicitly specified otherwise.

The Health Business Week 2024 will be organized by the following committee members:

Chairman: Frederieke Faustinelli
Secretary: Amber Buitelaar
Treasurer: Annabel Gerlach
Marketing Manager: Julie van Cranenburgh
Marketing Manager: Dagmar Voerman
Marketing Manager: Maartje Meeus
Acquisition: Suzanne Pankow
Acquisition: Elysa Yuen
Acquisition: Zayaan Khan
General member of the Board: Annelies van Brakel