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I study both “Health Policy and Management” and “Economics and Business Economics”. I really do enjoy studying both and I wouldn’t change my choice if you gave me the chance. There are of course a few things to consider when making this choice. These two studies are from different faculties and therefore do not communicate with each other. This means that you will have to accept missing a part of your classes and reviewing the information by yourself at home. But also, for example when you’re not able to follow classes for a few days thanks to an illness *cough* corona *cough*, that you have to keep each faculty up to date individually. Luckily requests for extra time at exams for example are implemented into your EUR account and therefore do count on all faculties.  

Besides Uni itself, doing two studies has a lot of benefits as well. For example, meeting twice as many new people! Having less free time might make it hard, but having a friend group withing each study does bring me great joy. Also the study organisation activities are doubled, so besides your bachelors, your student-life doubles as well! 

I think it is really worth doing doubles studies if you can, because it really does give you an extra challenge to fight for (and of course an extra diploma in the end). But I do feel like the university telling me about a few of these points, before making the final decision, would have given me a better start and save me a lot less stress figuring all this out along the way.