‘Members of’ SHARE: Jessica

Hi SHARE members,

My name is Jessica Vu Dinh and I’m 21 years old. I’m in the second year of the bachelor program Health Policy and Management and this year’s chairman of the Events Committee. Furthermore, I love to spend time with my friends and I’m always up for a spontaneous adventure. I thought this bachelor looked very interesting to me, because I have always been interested in healthcare, but I couldn’t picture myself as a doctor. So this study was the perfect solution.

Before I started at the university, I composed a few goals for myself. The first year, I would focus primarily on studying so I could get all my points. Fortunately, I succeeded. My second goal would be finding a job in the health care sector. This was quite challenging, but `I searched on www.indeed.nl: “Gezondheidswetenschappen”.

After a while, there was a vacancy at Maasstad Ziekenhuis! This job offer was especially meant for students in Health care management. One of the requirements was that you are familiar with Excel and know how to run descriptives. Luckily, we practised this in our first year of the bachelor! Based on the vacancy, I would be the perfect match for this job, so I applied. In the meantime, since November 2019 I’ve been very happy to be an employee of Bureau Nazorg at the healthcare administration department. My main task is the registration of “wrong beds” and communication with for example the healthcare office.

I think everybody is a bit nervous on an application interview and I was no exception. Before the interview I had made a list of things that I wanted to share with the company about myself. In a lot of applications the company is more interested in what you have to offer instead of just your academic competencies. This is also the moment to pitch about yourself, so a little preparation might be useful. Moreover, it is important to do your homework about the company/ department, think of their main goals, image and what they want to achieve in the future.

Since working here, I gained some work experience. Now, I know how to work with programs like HiX or Point, which might be useful for my future career. I really recommend everybody to look for a job while studying. Who knows we’ll be colleagues soon!

SHARE is the Faculty Association of the study ‘Health Policy and Management’ at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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