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Hi everyone!

My name is Guus Janssen and I’m 19 years old. After being a proud ‘Utreger’ for the past 18 years, I started BMG last year at the EUR. In a year, a lot can happen and change. I started as a member of the Dies and Drinks Committee, and this June I was announced as the F.T. Manager of External Relations of the 38th Board of F.A. SHARE.

From the beginning, a board year has fascinated me. Six students running a Faculty Association seemed very exciting and special to me. It creates a very special connection between Board members. You are working together a lot , which means that you have to trust each other one hundred percent. In my opinion it creates a special bond, a bond that will exist for the rest of your life.

I submitted an application, because I really think a Board year lies within my capacities and I am looking for that kind of bonding I just talked about. However, there are a lot of personal points of improvement for me next year. I think next year will be full of (very exciting) challenges, especially with the situation concerning COVID-19. It won’t be easy sometimes, but the learning process and the chance to develop myself, will be enormous.

The moment I heard I had been selected for a seat in the F.T. Board was very special. I didn’t believe at first, it truly is an emotional rollercoaster. We have already been busy the past month, learning a lot to make the upcoming academic year a success! The upcoming year will be an exciting year, not only for this association, but for the entire EUR. The past four months the EUR has been closed, due to COVID-19. Of course, I hope that COVID-19 will be over soon and we can all continue living life to the fullest! However, we never know for sure and that makes it a challenging year already.

In the F.T. 38th Board of F.A. SHARE is very motivated to make this a special and worthwhile year. We all have the same attitude: ‘Corona can’t stop us from having a great time.’ And that is at the top of our list, creating a great time for all SHARE’s members.