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Hi all! 

My name is Demi Jongejan, I am 22 years old and I am currently following the master Health Care Management. I live in Rotterdam together with my two amazing roomies Bente en Lequisha, who have also studied BMG. In my spare time I love to go out for lunch/dinner or drinks with friends and find all the instaworthy hotspots Rotterdam has to offer. But besides doing all those fun things I also enjoy organizing events (I’ve been part of the events committee for 2 years and organized the Health Business Week last year!) and love to help and inspire people (I have also been a BMG ambassador!). I noticed that many students are really enjoying our study health sciences, but are quite unsure what they want and can do in the future career wise. It’s a struggle I experience myself, too! And it is really understandable, we work in an amazing field with many career options, which is actually a really comfortable situation. However it can also be a bit overwhelming and can create dilemmas. 

Therefore I decided to do research about the career possibilities in the healthcare field and wanted to speak to successful and inspiring people, to hear their story. Why did they choose for a certain job? Do they really like and enjoy their job? How have they achieved everything and what advice can they give to me as a young health sciences student? After all, you learn the most from experienced people, right? 

And then I realized it would be a shame if only I could hear these inspiring and wise lessons. And that’s how the Care & Career podcast was born… The Care & Career podcast is thé place where care, ambitions and success come together and you will be inspired by successful people from the healthcare field. Every week I have a conversation with a successful and/or inspiring person in the healthcare field and ask them all the things I mentioned earlier. By this I hope to find out what I really want to do in the future and hope to help other students with this question as well! Furthermore it is always inspiring to hear these kinds of stories and gives me so much energy, hope and excitement for the future! If you are struggling with the same issue or just want to be inspired, check my podcast out on Spotify or Apple Podcast ( There are already podcasts live with for example the CEO of the Erasmus MC, Ernst Kuipers