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Hi students,  

My name is Anna Nguyen, I am 20 years old. I’m a first-year student of the bachelor program Health Policy and Management. Almost two years ago, I moved to Rotterdam during the first few months of the pandemic. I’ve always wanted to move to a big city and when I graduated High School, I didn’t let the pandemic stop me even though I only knew a few people in Rotterdam. There were times when I was afraid I would feel lonelier than ever and that it would be a mistake to move alone to a new city during these circumstances. I have to say it was challenging at times. But after the summer, I started the bachelor Business Administration at RSM.  

After a year with only Zoom contact and never having the opportunity to meet my mentor group, I was very relieved to hear that after the summer of 2021 we could have education on campus. Only the study didn’t suit me and after lots of thinking, I quit at the end of the year. I was hesitating between the two studies and eventually followed my heart. I found out that studying BA did not suit me. Healthcare had always interested me and I wanted to specialize in it. To this day I couldn’t be happier with my choice. But I don’t regret my first year BA. I have learned a lot from it and gained knowledge that could also be useful for Health Policy and Management. If you have any doubts about your study, I would not hesitate to contact the student advisor. The student advisor will help you through the process. 

To start the year off right, I choose to join a committee at SHARE. I became the manager of design in the Marketing & Almanac Committee. During the Eurekaweek I became familiar with SHARE and learned more about the different committees. I’m very honored to work with my lovely fellow committee members on this year’s edition of the Almanac and the merchandise  

SHARE has been a great way to meet more people from the faculty and to see more of what Rotterdam has to offer. I’ve enjoyed the events so far. I’m very excited about what comes next and making more amazing memories.  

If I could give you one piece of advice, I would say that you should always follow your heart. Because if there’s one thing I am sure of, it is that I am happy I switched studies and wouldn’t do it any other way.