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‘Members of’ SHARE: Janneke

My name is Janneke, I’m 19 years old and currently in my second year of the Bachelor Health Policy and Management at ESHPM. Besides studying I’m member at the hockey club Never Less and also like to hang out with my friends and go clubbing once in a while. 

I got a deferred BSA last year, because I did not succeed in passing the test from the fourth period in the first year. In my situation, it had to do with some personal circumstances that got me distracted so I couldn’t focus on the test and did not get all the credits. I have to admit that it gives a lot of stress if you hear you did not succeed in getting all 60 ECTS.  

The process of asking for a delayed BSA is pretty simple. First, you mail the BSA committee with your information and why you want to ask for postponing your BSA. In my case they needed some proof to see if the reason was legitimate. So, I send them some proof and at the end of the summer I received an email that my request for delaying my BSA was approved. 

Sadly, I have to wait until the last trimester of the year starts before I can start trying to pass the test and get my BSA. My plan for then is to be fully focused on that trimester and do all the studying that is required to pass the test. 

If you think you will not pass a test that results in not getting your BSA, I advise you that if there are some personal circumstances it is important that you let the study advisor know in time. So, when you ask for a delay of your BSA it won’t come as a total surprise for them. Also, it is really important that you orientate and apply for different studies.

I really hope everyone gets their BSA in one go, but there are some options and measures in place if you don’t succeed. Good luck everyone!