Working at iCON Healthcare

Leonie Verheul is 28 years old and works at iCON Healthcare as a senior consultant with the Medication Management Team. She studied Gezondheidswetenschappen at the Maastricht University what went of easily. After the bachelor she continued with the HEPL (Health Economics, Policy & Law) master at the Erasmus University, which was a lot harder to get through.
What does working at iCON Healthcare look like?
Leonie works for different hospitals where she helps them with subjects about hospital pharmacy, the medication process and IT. For example, at the moment, she is Project Manager to implement medication verification at the outpatient clinic of the Alrijne Hospital. She gives advice to Kempenhaeghe about implementing the prescribing module from the EPD electronical patient dossier) from Chipsoft.
Next to these kind of jobs, the Medication Management Team is working on setting up a platform where different hospitals can participate and work together by capturing their data in EPD in a smart way. This platform is called Datamanaged Medication Services (DMS) and ensures the continuous monitoring of the complete medication process.
Leonie Verheul focusses within iCON on communication and sales. With a group of collegues she coordinates the communication from iCON to customers on the website and social media. They talk with current customers about new missions and go into conversations with possible new clients.
‘’My job is very varie and that’s exactly what I like about it. In this way my work never gets predictable, I’m working on content of medication processes which I find super interesting and I work together with many different people. Because of this I keep on developing myself fast and I never have to feel bored. ‘’
But how did Leonie Verheul end up at iCON Healthcare?
Leonie Verheul has worked four years at another consultancy company before iCON. Through different connections (business and private) she got in contact with iCON. She wanted to continue working in the consultancy, develop more and have more focus in the field of medication.
She wants to give this message to students who are studying Gezondheidswetenschappen at the moment: ’Try to be satisfied with the work you’re going to start. Your starters function would not always be your dream job, but to get there you need experience. I think our generation expects to fast too much from their self. I have faith that when you show that you do your work good, the chances will come by itself. Be sharp at the changes that occur. They often come when you don’t expect them, but do not go back.’’
That’s a smart lesson to remember!

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