Are you a student looking for a job that is related to your study? Then might be the answer. is a mediation agency that sets up different people who need help and students who are willing to give that help. The clients of all have various needs, from keeping them company, or just helping with the children, but most of the time it’s about doing some household chores. And you want to know something fun? was actually founded by a student!
We asked some questions about their organization.
What is the most fun about a job at
‘’You really bond with the people you’re helping. It’s not unusual for our clients and the students to become friends. Even when the students stop working, they often go visit their former clients. It is important to have a good match with your client. That’s what we try to mediate as well.’’
What are things you look for in students when they apply for a job at
‘’We find it important that people are motivated and can be of help for at least 8 months. This is important, because our client’s continuity is very important. Furthermore, we are naturally looking for people that are trustworthy and social.’’ prefers people who master the Dutch language, but they can also help International students by getting a new job!
Can you tell us a story about a job at
‘’We have many good stories about our clients and the students. Right now, we have a client who doesn’t want to go to a retirement home, but he needs some help. So, now he has 5 students every week who visit him in the afternoon. They all cook together and then have dinner with him. He really likes the company!’’
If you are interested in a job or want to read more about, visit the website

SHARE is the Faculty Association of the study ‘Health Policy and Management’ at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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