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The first half of this academic year!

Dear members of SHARE,


First, we wish you a happy new year. Let’s make 2020 another great year with each other!

The first half of this academic year is already over. In this period SHARE organized many fun and interesting events, so we would like to have a moment to look back!

We kicked the year off with the freshmen weekend! This weekend was all about getting to know each other. The Short trip Committee 2018-2019 has organized a beer cantus, a fun city game and much more!

After the Freshmen weekend, it was time for the opening activity. On September 11th, we had a delicious meal at Cafe Stalles and afterwards we went to Vibes for our first real party.

The General Assembly took place on the 18thof September. This evening the 36thBoard of SHARE resigned and the 37thBoard of SHARE was installed. The last academic year was evaluated and the 37thBoard presented its policy plan for the upcoming academic year. Furthermore, the various committees were also installed this night!

To celebrate the installation of the 37thBoard the constitution drink took place on the next day. It was a busy evening, with (almost) all committee members, many boards of other associations and the old boards of share.

The spookiest time of the year, Halloween, and also the very first drink of SHARE organised by the Dies & Drinks Committee. During this drink the Health Business Week Committee announced this year’s theme: ‘Care and connect’! A few days later, SHARE went lasergaming as part of Event #1 of the Events Committee. After two intense rounds of competing we had a nice dinner at Stalles, all competitiveness was set aside and the food was enjoyed. If you’d like to read more about the juicy details during these events, click on ‘This year’s first drink and event! on the memory page.

On November the 13th, the first event from the Academic Committee took place. We gathered at the Theil building where we all had a great pizza and watched a documentary about euthanasia. After watching the documentary, we discussed about some euthanasia related questions, for example: ‘Euthanasia should not be seen as a medical matter, but as a choice of autonomy and self-determination’. What do you think?

Furthermore, the Dies & Drinks Committee organized a Beerpong Tournament in Club Vibes. We drank many beers and we showed off our Beerpong skills. Some people were much better than others… So, you might want to think twice before you challenge Janneke Smeets, Romy van Luijk and Rosa Myk for a beerpong game.

On December 12th, the Events Committee held their second event; a Christmas dinner. A big room on the seventh floor of Bayle Building was transformed in a cozy dining room, with a fireplace (even though it was displayed on the tv screen). As you stepped out of the elevator, you could already smell the fantastic food. As a starter, everyone enjoyed a vegetable soup and some deliciously seasoned bread. The main course consisted of a buffet, which included burgers, chicken, rice and other delicious foods. Naturally, there was plenty to choose from for those who eat halal or vegetarian. The Christmas music playing in the background completed the ambiance that made it a very nice dinner.

This little recap of 2019 makes us even more excited about the second half of the academic year. Very soon, there will be more fun events and drinks organised by the committees, but also various trips abroad! We hope to see you soon.

Lots of love,

The Marketing Committee