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The 36th Board of Faculty Association SHARE

When in doubt of choosing to attend a Board year, do not longer hesitate and grab that once in a lifetime opportunity. It is such a valuable experience on numerous aspects, varying from personal growth and self-knowledge to building a network and developing management skills. Furthermore, you will look after the interests of students towards the faculty.

For us, the 36th Board of F.A. SHARE, the most memorable moments of our Board year were the diverse activities we got to organise and the different trips abroad. These activities made us realise how much fun it was to organize such activities for all our members and let them connect with each other. In collaboration with other study associations, it was possible to organize a glamorous gala and an enjoyable beer cantus. During the Health Business Week our members could orientate for further career opportunities for when they have finished their studies. With the yearly Study Trip we got the unique opportunity to visit Georgia and got acquainted to their healthcare system. We also visited Prague and went on a ski trip in Austria, which was very challenging for some of us!

Attending a Board year will be an investment in yourself as an individual. During this remarkable year you will establish things you thought were not possible beforehand. You will learn to collaborate with different individuals in such a way that those become more than friends. It results in friendship that lasts a lifetime and will feel as a second family.

If you have any questions regarding our experiences as a Board member of F.A. SHARE, feel free to reach out to one of us through LinkedIn or any other platform. We are always willing to talk about our own experiences and answer the questions you might still have!

Kind regards,

The 36th Board of FA SHARE