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The 33rd Board of Faculty Association SHARE

Hi all, 

We are Ankie Kuiper and Marinika van Herk, we both are 26 years old. Another thing we have in common is the fact that we are former Board- and Lustrum Committee members. We would like to take you on a trip down memory lane and tell you all about our experiences of the 7th Lustrum.  

Once upon a time, when our faculty association was named FBMG, we decided to apply for the Lustrum Committee. After our fantastic Board year, we really wanted to have a full experience of the 7th Lustrum as committee members. We had an amazing committee with a variety of members. We all had the same goal; ‘To make the 7th Lustrum unforgettable’. First, we had to come up with a theme, because every Lustrum has a different theme. After long discussions and a few drinks, we thought it was a good idea to travel through time. So, we came up with the theme: ‘FBMG travels through time’.  

After we had decided on the theme, we had a lot of work ahead of us. We had to plan a lot of activities. Also, we had to think of a marketing plan. Since we decided to plan all the activities in May, the Lustrum month, we had several months to make this all happen. The months leading up to the Lustrum were a lot of fun. It was fantastic to have the freedom to organize unforgettable Lustrum activities and a great way to get to know each other. We became a group of friends in those months. 

To introduce our theme, we made a video about time travelling (it is still on YouTube if you are interested in watching this piece of art). We played this video during our first activity: ‘The theme announcement drink’. Another thing we announced during the drink was our program. It was a great kick off of our Lustrum. We were so excited and so were all the members.  

The Lustrum started off with a bang. We organized a boat party at the Spido in Rotterdam. The tone had been set. We can fill a book to talk about all the different activities, but we will keep it short. The other activities included ‘Wie is de Mol’, Paintball with iBMG staff, Symposium, Lust-Rum tasting and a lot more. We ended our Lustrum with a special Dies Natalis. This is the official birthday celebration of the Faculty Association. It was an amazing month full of celebrations. Sometimes we still talk about all the memories we made back then and thinking about it gives us a big smile on our faces.  

We can honestly say it was an amazing addition to our study experience to be part of the Lustrum Committee. Especially, since the Lustrum only takes place once every five years. You will make memories that last a lifetime. Besides that, you will learn a lot of different things and make good friends. We can advise everyone to take the chance and apply for the Lustrum Committee. We are looking forward to the next Lustrum and maybe we will come visit and crash a party.  

Ankie & Marinika 

P.S. If you still use Facebook you should take a look at our really old Facebook-page to check out some photos (